Toll Free


Zachary Shahin

Mississippi College

WPB / Civil

WGI and Ric-Man construction are working together on a design-build project to upgrade infrastructure in the Seacrest neighborhood in Boynton Beach. On Friday, Jennifer Hofmeister and Roosevelt Castillo went out with a group of interns from our WPB office to hang door hangers that provide hotline and website contact information. Afterward, they were treated to a well-deserved lunch at Hurricane Alley.

Seatbelt safety first! Zachary is loading up and rolling out with the crew for the WGI and Ric-Man construction project in the Seacrest neighborhood of Boynton Beach.

Zachary and the other West Palm interns got together for a luncheon where they listened to Michael Davis speak on the future of WGI and shared their own experiences so far.

Sometimes a little music is all you need to break up the monotony of scanning plan sheet after plan sheet. Zachary is finally down to scanning his final one to complete the set.

I’ve had an amazing time so far at WGI. People are fun and helpful, and there is always someone who will want to give you a helping hand whether you know them or not. I am pushed every day to put forth my best and I am encouraged to solve problems on my own. The atmosphere is extremely positive and it has been a joy to be interning here over the Summer.


Zach and the team were contracted to do Civil Engineering plans for a storm-water system lamping inspection at FPL Distribution Control Center.

Zach went out to a lift station startup at the 121 Marina project down in Key Largo. The team needed to witness the startup to make sure everything works as planned.

Zach mapping a road section for “Village on the green”.