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William Tillman

University of Florida

WPB / Roadway

William teamed up with fellow Roadway intern Michael Hunter and wrote an awesome blog for WGI’s Thought Leaders Journal. The blog goes into detail about their experience of being a summer intern at WGI and highlights a major project they have spent their time working on, the Homestead Extension of Florida’s Turnpike (HEFT).

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Every day that I have interned at WGI, I have learned something new. I remember working on a project two months into my internship when I learned that widening a road requires more than just one round of resurfacing. For this project, there were about eight separate roadway plans that will be completed one after the other, each with varying pavement depths and open lanes. I have been pleasantly surprised by just how much there is to learn.


WGI and Ric-Man construction are working together on a design-build project to upgrade infrastructure in the Seacrest neighborhood in Boynton Beach. On Friday, Jennifer Hofmeister and Roosevelt Castillo went out with a group of interns from our WPB office to hang door hangers that provide hotline and website contact information. Afterward, they were treated to a well-deserved lunch at Hurricane Alley.

What has impressed me the most about WGI is the working environment. Coming in everyday and being surrounded by coworkers who work hard and make an effort to make you feel like a part of a family, made the everyday experience enjoyable.


William and the other West Palm interns got together for a luncheon where they listened to Michael Davis speak on the future of WGI and shared their own experiences so far.

Roadway intern, William, can be seen here showing to Michael the clearance measurement of an overpass on I-95   that he can no longer fit under due to height restrictions.

 Since my first day interning at WGI, I have been exposed to the Homestead Extension of the Florida’s Turnpike (HEFT) project consistently. I have learned and gained an appreciation for the volume of work that is required to construct (or, in this case, redesign) a stretch of highway. Having driven on the HEFT many times during my childhood, I was able to understand the project from a personal and sentimental point of view. I have enjoyed helping with the project, especially the parts that involved editing street signs and determining the square footage of pavement required for the entire project..


William is learning horizontal and vertical roadway geometry using GEOPAK from Project Engineer, Corey Hill.

On Will’s second day at WGI he received his free WGI shirt!