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William Ferrell

University of Florida

Jacksonville / Drainage

Shannon Scolforo and William Ferrel both went to Clay County night with a group of WGI co-workers. They attended a Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp baseball game (which they won).

William went on his first site visit in Clay County and was quite enamored at the size of the machinery.

William is accompanied by Structures Engineer, Carlos Campos, as they observe the flow of a man-made waterway, on the site of Sandridge Road in Clay County.

William and Engineer Paul Chilton re-visiting some graphing work from a site visit on SR-95 in Escambia County earlier in the week.

One must have patience with an intern, they are docile creatures who just want to soak up knowledge and learn, i.e. Roadway intern William Ferrell. Or you can always just put your head down and get a little shut eye when things get frustrating.

I have had a lot of fun so far, the drainage guys here in Jacksonville keep it really interesting. I’m having a good time and looking forward to next year already.

Drainage Intern, William Ferrell, and Structures Intern, Shannon Scolforo, trying to keep composure as they are inspected by Creative Service Director, Bryan Peterson, via video chat.