Toll Free


Thomas Truchement

University of Florida

Tampa / Structures

On their Last day, Thomas and Andrew were treated with an awesome cake!

Marc Cohen, advising Thomas and Andrew Lowe on the importance of overcoming and solving problems regardless of the obstacles.

Thomas working with Clayton Wolfe, Director of Structures, on understanding the importance of design fees and design-build pursuits.

One thing that sets WGI apart from the other firms that I have been with is the level of work that they are involved in. There is never a dull day working here because there is always something to do. The large amount of work also makes it so that it does not get stagnant, you often get a chance to learn something new.


Stephen Apostolico, Chief Structural Engineer, teaching Thomas about the importance of creep within steel and concrete superstructures.

Thomas Truchement & Andrew Lowe bunking up as they work on HEFT Toll Gantry Plans Development while they are getting familiar with Florida Turnpike Enterprise’s general tolling requirements (GTR).

Thomas and Andrew Lowe learning substructure design with Senior Project Engineer, Nathan Van Etten.

Thomas is working with Structural Engineer, Marc Cohen, on reinforced concrete bridge pier diagrams.

One great aspect of working at WGI is the level of communication amongst all of the employees. There is no fear in walking into the licensed engineer’s offices as an intern to ask a question about the task at hand, the company in general, or the engineering career as a whole. They always take the time out of their day to make sure all of your questions are addressed and even answer questions you didn’t know you had due to their thorough responses. This level of communication encourages more dialogue and ultimately leads to a deeper knowledge of the subject.


Tony Nguyen, Senior Structural Engineer, is showing Structures interns Thomas and Andrew how to calculate and detail finish grade elevations on steel flyover bridges.

Structures Intern Thomas Truchement can hardly contain his excitement while working on some plan sheets.