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Owen Brenneman

Michigan State University

Kalamazoo / Parking Restoration

When Owen’s not out in the field, you can find him enjoying the window view in his lair with a hard hat ready to go, in case duty calls, Owen is basically Batman.

Owen reviewing a concrete slab repair.

My work with the Kalamazoo branch of WGI this summer has made a great impact on my real world knowledge of concrete structures. I have enjoyed all the tasks I have been assigned to including field surveying, visiting works sites, attending construction progress meetings, building field reports, cost estimates, meeting minutes and even overseeing my own restoration project. I feel that being a part of several different restoration projects has begun to bridge the gap between class studies and career practices in the engineering field by giving me a practical understanding of studied skills.


Parking Restoration intern Owen Brenneman, on site and gathering whatever knowledge that is up for grabs through tedious note-taking.