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Owen Brenneman

Michigan State University

Kalamazoo / Parking Restoration


Owen performing the actual ASTM test as he pours water into the infiltration ring at a prescribed rate.



Owen learning how to sound for delaminated concrete using a hand chain and hammer.


Owen went out with Field Supervisor, Tim Meyer where he helped him perform an ASTM C 1701 test on a pervious concrete parking lot.


Owen knows that observation and tedious analysis will only benefit him on future job site visits. 


When Owen’s not out in the field, you can find him enjoying the window view in his lair with a hard hat ready to go, in case duty calls, Owen is basically Batman.


Owen reviewing a concrete slab repair.

My work with the Kalamazoo branch of WGI this summer has made a great impact on my real world knowledge of concrete structures. I have enjoyed all the tasks I have been assigned to including field surveying, visiting works sites, attending construction progress meetings, building field reports, cost estimates, meeting minutes and even overseeing my own restoration project. I feel that being a part of several different restoration projects has begun to bridge the gap between class studies and career practices in the engineering field by giving me a practical understanding of studied skills.



Parking Restoration intern Owen Brenneman, on site and gathering whatever knowledge that is up for grabs through tedious note-taking.