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Matthew Del Valle

University of Florida

WPB / Geospatial

Matthew performed like a true Hollywood actor as fellow intern Cole Graham shot questions at him for the end of the year intern video shoot.

Matthew and Derek Hinton make a dangerous duo when they take the field as a Geospatial team.

Matthew was on site with Derek Hinton, Geospatial Intern, doing Utility Pole inventory for the City of Lake Worth.

Land, air, or water, the Geospatial division will do whatever it takes to do the job right! Matthew can row a boat while measuring cross sections off of the Homestead Extension at the same time.

Matthew is doing a Drainage Survey at the HEFT (Homestead Extension of FL TPK) from Johnson to I-75 in Miramar.

Matthew is enlisting the wisdom of the wise Radek Grabowski, SUE Project Manager, as they determine the pole attachment types for the City of Lake Worth Pole Inventory GIS database update.


The work certainly doesn’t end here for Matthew!

Survey Field Supervisor, Brian Shea, laying out the game plan for his new Roadway Interns, Derek Hinton, and Matthew Del Valle, on the most efficient way to help him keep his office clean.

Matthew is feeling pretty cozy at his new desk and is ready to get rolling.