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Loren Plopper

University of South Florida

Tampa / Drainage

Loren was out at Wekiva 6 where she was checking on the progress of the drainage structures while comparing how the constructed plans would be taken into account for future designs.

Loren has thoroughly enjoyed her time here with Tampa’s drainage group. Especially being mentored by Andy Robb, Principal Engineer, and Zach Keller, Engineer.

The drainage department here in Tampa has made me feel like part of the team since day one. I appreciate how willing this group has been to thoroughly teach about whatever it is we are working on so that you have the big picture and can see how your role affects the project as a whole. I have gained an incredible amount of valuable experience in a short amount of time during my internship. I am grateful for this opportunity that has helped bridge the gap between the academic world and the working world and I look forward to continuing to further that knowledge.


Zachary Keller teaching Loren about cross sections and drainage design.

Loren went out to Wekiva 7A to deconstruct gopher tortoise traps and collapse abandoned burrows.

Loren was accompanied by Environmental Planning intern, Robin Rives, at Wekiva 7a where they set up gopher tortoise traps and then monitored them every day for 28 days. After 28 days of no activity, they could reasonably conclude that the burrow is vacant and then deconstruct the trap and burrow. They also collapsed inactive burrows to keep track of the tortoises on site, as they sometimes like to move around and take over abandoned burrows.


Loren helped survey some land where an eventual pedestrian bridge will be built.