Toll Free


Logan Hewett

Florida State University

Tallahassee / Roadway

While recreating the SR 109 aerial exhibit, I learned many Microstation functions. Learning these functions will now allow me to assist in designing similar files for future projects.


Interns really do come in handy sometimes. Logan is lending a helping hand decorating for Project Engineer, Loren Steele’s Baby Shower.

Roadway Intern Logan Hewett  assisting Tommy Brown, EI, with  text labeling while Tommy was also showing him some utility adjustment sheets for a construction job on SR95.

 I have recently played an intricate role in helping our transportation team pursue new projects. This includes going to sites and gathering information that would help our team in interviews. I have also gathered and analyzed various roadway information to find current and future problems these roadways may have that need to be fixed to help our interview team come up with innovative solutions for future projects.


Roadway Intern Logan Hewett breaking in his new desk and adjusting to his new space.