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Jena Martino

Florida State University

Last weekly staff meeting.


My time here at WGI has been an amazing experience. I’ve had the opportunity to work with and learn from great people who have been patient teachers and mentors. It is a satisfying feeling to know that I will see large projects that I played a (although very small) part in come to fruition. I gained a lot of skills and knowledge that will be useful for returning to graduate school and later, entering the work field. I am so grateful for my time with the Tampa office!


Tampa office’s intern appreciation send-off. They got us Melissa, Lucas, and me an awesome cake that the office enjoyed after we said a few words about our experiences.

Melissa and I enjoyed burgers at a local Lakeland restaurant after our field review of Central Polk Parkway.

Printed, bound, and packaged 8 sets of roll plots longer than me for the Courtney Campbell SR 60 proposal.

Field review of Central Polk Parkway to identify key project elements and issues (bridge conditions, wildlife, drainage structures, houses, etc.)

Jena attends a Pre-bid meeting at the Port of Tampa.


This week, I learned how to quantify pay items for the Selmon Express Extension so that the contractor can make an informed bid.


This week, I worked on a lot of technical material, whereas as last week, I did a lot of writing. It is a great experience that I’m developing both my hard and soft skills during my time with WGI.

Tampa Monthly Employee Breakfast


This week, I had my first assignments using Microstation. It seemed like a bear at first to tackle, but I’ve impressed myself with how quickly I am learning. With the help and patience of my colleagues in the office, I’ll be a pro in no time!


Jena working with Richard Reace and Felipe Jaramillo (AJAX) on a construction issue.

Jena working with Richard Reace and Felipe Jaramillo (AJAX) on a construction issue.