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Jacquelyn Arreaga

Duke University

Jacky at our internal seminar on the 3D software, Lumion, testing out it’s virtual reality capabilities

It’s a Fun Friday for our Roadway Intern, Jacky! She joined the roadway crew as they ended their busy work week with a pizza and ping pong lunch break.

Jacky was given the opportunity to go in a field visit with Chief Engineer, Jerry Saval, down to I-75 Segment C and we were standing inside 96” pipes.

One of the most important things I’ve learned as an intern is to carefully track changes throughout all the parts of a project, any number that changes have to be updated in cross sections, profiles, multiple spreadsheets and in other programs such as ASAD and GEOPAK.


Roadway Intern, Jacquelyn, updates cross sections for a new I-95 interchange at St. John’s Heritage Parkway with Sabrina Emery, EI in MicroStation.