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Georgia Brooks

Palm Beach Central High School

WPB / Civil

Georgia getting in touch with nature as she conducts a tree survey.

Georgia battling a fierce current while she conducts a wetland monitoring report.

Georgia finished her week spent on the Creative Team with a nice treat from Creative Director, Bryan Peterson. Everybody loves pizza!

All of the West Palm Beach Interns met with the other offices via online meeting where they were given advice and guidance from past interns who went on to become full-time WGI employees. 

Calculations… calculations… and more calculations.

Georgia is taking measurements next to a busy roadway.

Avery Alvarez, Georgia Brooks, and  Maria Rodriguez on a site visit.

Fellow interns Avery Alvarez, Georgia Brooks, and Maria Rodriguez attending the annual 2019 State of the Firm meeting.

As a result of my time at WGI, my passion for helping the environment became highlighted and continued to grow. I started to understand the concept of, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”


Georgia wrote an essay on her experience as an intern with WGI for her submission letter to the University of Florida.

You can read it here: UF Essay


Georgia is getting in touch with her creative side this week as she joins the marketing branch for their weekly Monday meeting.

This experience changed my goals and helped me determine who I am and what I really want to do in life. Interning at the Wantman Group taught me many things about what composes a successful firm and how I should always love what I do.



WGI and Ric-Man construction are working together on a design-build project to upgrade infrastructure in the Seacrest neighborhood in Boynton Beach. On Friday, Jennifer Hofmeister and Roosevelt Castillo went out with a group of interns from our WPB office to hang door hangers that provide hotline and website contact information. Afterward, they were treated to a well-deserved lunch at Hurricane Alley.

For the entirety of my time at WGI, I was surrounded by mentors that helped me gather a greater understanding of the many fields available at the firm. I started my experience in the civil engineering department where I was exposed to many new challenges.



Jennifer Hofmeister and Georgia Brooks take a well-deserved break underneath some of the neighborhood’s shady trees.


Georgia was at the S140 Pump Station checking on settled concrete since her last visit. She also observed how they are using a makeshift bridge to ensure the new structures stay intact. Georgia was even lucky enough to make a furry friend in the process!


In her first week, Georga and the other West Palm interns got together for a luncheon where they listened to Michael Davis speak on the future of WGI and shared their own experiences so far.

Interning at WGI gives me the opportunity to learn skills that cannot be taught in a classroom by gaining experience in the field. This helps me understand the career I plan on pursuing and a plan for the future!



Georgia was on the Pompano Pier construction site today checking on the new structures that were added before being filled. She also observed how construction was possible by demolishing parts of the old pier as the new pier was being constructed.


Georgia is on site inspecting one of the structures for Heron Estates.