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Garrett Kiesel

Florida State University

WPB / Civil

Garrett is onsite at one of WGI’s utility relocation projects that were designed in coordination with the Structures division who designed the bridge replacement. There he observed a pressure test on a part of the force main.

Turns out Garrett is so photogenic and takes such awesome photos that the Creative Marketing Department is using him to help launch their Boots On The Ground Campaign!

This internship has given me so much insight into the engineering field and what I would be doing every day. A great part about this internship is the freedom they give you, for example being allowed to go on a site inspection by myself and making certain calls, make it feel like I’m a full-time employee instead of an intern.


WGI and Ric-Man construction are working together on a design-build project to upgrade infrastructure in the Seacrest neighborhood in Boynton Beach. On Friday, Jennifer Hofmeister and Roosevelt Castillo went out with a group of interns from our WPB office to hang door hangers that provide hotline and website contact information. Afterward, they were treated to a well-deserved lunch at Hurricane Alley.

Garrett has secured the door hangers!

Garrett was on site in Riviera Beach inspecting drainage structures and pipes to make sure they are up to code compliance standards.

Interns helping other interns is always something to be happy about! Garrett was out on in the field with a new intern, Georgia Brooks, and was helpful enough to snap some pictures to help provide Cole Graham, Marketing intern, with content to help build her blog. Cole was nice enough to present Garrett with an extremely fancy trophy in return for his efforts.

Garrett is inspecting some drainage structures so that he can compare them with the design plans to ensure they install properly.

Garrett was on site in Heron Estates, Riviera Beach, inspecting drainage pipes to make sure they are fit for installation according to the design he had created prior.

This Summer internship has been great so far and I have learned so much since I started here. The best thing about the internship is how much everyone makes you feel a part of the team. From putting my initials on plans and construction reports to being a part of design discussions on major projects that WGI is working on.


Garrett is already taking shots at his supervisors. Garret, accompanied by the Civil and Structures divisions, went to play some indoor paintball at CMS Indoor Action Sports

Garrett is using a smart level to check the cross slope of sidewalk forms before they pour the concrete. This is a part of the Keiser Stadium project that WGI designed and is providing construction services for.

Garrett is performing a string line test to inspect the finished base rock surface of a road. A string line test is done in order to verify that the proper depth of material is installed in the pavement section for the new road. This is a part of the Keiser Stadium project that WGI designed and is providing construction services for.

Garrett is running vehicle turning movements using AutoTURN, which is a vehicle swept path analysis software within autoCAD. This is for a proposed project site that the planners from WGI’s PLACE Division are working on.

Civil Engineering intern Garrett Kiesel evaluating the current conditions from prior field visits and survey feedback with his supervisors Aaron hunter and Adam Schildmeier in order to fix parking and sidewalk areas that are out of compliance.