Toll Free


Frank Manusky

Florida Atlantic University

WPB / Planning

WGI and Ric-Man construction are working together on a design-build project to upgrade infrastructure in the Seacrest neighborhood in Boynton Beach. On Friday, Jennifer Hofmeister and Roosevelt Castillo went out with a group of interns from our WPB office to hang door hangers that provide hotline and website contact information. Afterward, they were treated to a well-deserved lunch at Hurricane Alley.

Frank and Marketing Intern, Cole Graham, taking in all the knowledge Senior Vice President, Michael Davis, has to offer at the intern luncheon.

Chad Riddle is working with Frank on CAD training in the design studio.

Frank and Bryan Peterson, Creative Services Director. were discussing preparation for a meeting with the City of Boynton, regarding an awareness website that will be constructed for a city modification project.

It seems that Jennifer has a good track record when it comes to turning her interns into full-time employees! Frank was able to meet Jennifer’s prior intern, Bridget Callea, who is now full time. No pressure!

Frank was able to attend an in-house planning charrette that was led by Senior Planner, Thad Crowe.

I will always remember WGI as a fun and enjoyable workplace


Tabb Ormsby with Frank Manusky at the site of Sims Creek Preserve in Jupiter. WGI was hired by the Town of Jupiter to prepare a site plan for a passive park with kayak launches in a tidal preserve. Tabb and Frank are on a site visit to identify suitable locations for park amenities.

For a 6″2 Planning intern you might think Frank could have planned a little more accordingly as to how he might be able to escape the back seat of the door-less Jeep.

 I’ve learned more in the past few weeks at WGI than I have across all the planning courses I’ve taken at my University. The workplace experience I get here is unbeatable.


Planning Intern Frank Manusky riding around town with Jennifer Hofmeister, Director of Public Planning. Both were out on the prowl for a prime location to shoot some video footage of the Mayor. You don’t hear an intern complain too often about having to cruise through sunny South Florida on a beautiful day, in a brand new Jeep.