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Erin Sandoval

University of Texas at San Antonio

San Antonio / Civil

Erin and others from the San Antonio office took part in an awesome escape room game right there in the office!

“There were 6 different puzzles that had multiple parts to their game. After we solved the riddle, problem, or puzzle we uncovered a code which lead us to a key and a page in the Chinese dictionary. Once we got those, that led us to a drawer to unlock and we received ping pong balls and the next puzzle. At the end of the hour we had to use all our ping pong balls to turn this big wheel so many times to unlock the ultimate drawer/prize.” – Erin

Give Erin and the San Antonio team a call if you ever need help with a Chinese puzzle or escape room, they seem to know what they are doing!

Erin is taking over the streets! But first, ensuring she takes diligent notes for sidewalks that need repair on her site visit.