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Cole Graham

Palm Beach State College

WPB / Creative

Cole attending Madeline Szwed’s Social Media Lunch & Learn.

Cole was interviewing several intern supervisors to gain feedback on the program as a whole, and how great of a benefit the internship can be to students.

Cole was shooting questions in an interview with fellow intern Matthew Del Valle for the end of the year internship video.

Since I have walked into the building, one of my main goals was to take a little bit of workload off as many people in the office as possible. I can’t say enough about how willing everyone has been to teach me something new whenever I ask. I have felt like apart of the family over here at the Creative department and know this is the kind of company I would want to start a career with.


Cole and fellow intern Frank Manusky, were all ears when Senior Vice President, Michael Davis, spoke at the intern luncheon on the company’s growth and future potential in the coming years.

When you are an intern and someone says “here put this on” you don’t ask questions. Cole got stuck sporting a blazer only so he could properly display some WGI branding apparel for a photoshoot.

Cole came prepared for the creative 4th of July photoshoot today for Social Media.

Cole has been learning to use code to help build the intern website on WordPress.

Good team building exercise is critical when it comes to keeping the creative thoughts flowing! Cole and the Creative division on a night out attending the Blood Sweat and Beers Social Event at West Palm Brewery & Wine Vault.

I have spent a lot of time helping build and develop the website for our interns. Working with Word Press is something I have found a lot of joy in learning, it is so interesting how certain code can affect the entire outcome of a web page. I want something that I can really hang my hat on at the end of my internship, something that I can be proud of, I think this may be it, and if not, it’s just the beginning.

Cole is passing out pamphlets to fellow co-workers after attending Madeline Szwed’s Social Media Lunch & Learn presentation.

Cole is in the zone, keeping the Social Media content flowing while also helping build the intern website on the Informer. Pay no attention to the Gnome behind the curtain. Cole is an avid Minnesota Vikings fan if you can’t tell.

“Sometimes the greatest creative ideas stem from the smallest flashes of ingenuity and originality”. Cole’s new mini mug he got from Madeline, a souvenir from Chicago, may help him unlock some of these creative gems.

Cole getting some pointers on Photoshop from the Guru herself, Elizabeth Boriskin.

 I can’t say enough about how much I’ve learned in just under two weeks of being at WGI as a Creative Marketing Intern. Everyone I have been surrounded by is so eager to reach out to assist and inspire me no matter what I’m working on. I have also learned that getting quality content from people can be quite the difficult task. You really have to shake the tree and push for every bit of information you can get your hands on, then the rest is up to your creative ingenuity.


Fashion clearly isn’t an issue for our new interns Cole and Christian, however WGI is happy to add some ammunition to the wardrobe with their new dri-fit company logo polo shirts.

Our new Marketing Intern, Cole Graham, and Planning Intern Christian Bryant, eagerly completing paperwork to begin a new exciting chapter.