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Avery Alvarez

University of Florida

West Palm Beach Florida / Civil

Avery and Maria Rodriguez went to the 330 Island Road project site where they observed the first pair of 45′ sheet piles being driven and the Vibratory Hammer in action to set up the vibration monitoring and the demolition of an existing concrete seawall cap.

Avery delighted to start the day rocking her hard had and safety vest on a morning site visit.

All of the West Palm Beach Interns met with the other offices via online meeting where they were given advice and guidance from past interns who went on to become full-time WGI employees. 

Avery Alvarez, Georgia Brooks, and  Maria Rodriguez on a site visit.

Fellow interns Avery Alvarez, Georgia Brooks, and Maria Rodriguez attending the annual 2019 State of the Firm meeting.

Avery learning first hand from WGI’s Senior Engineer Intern, Merouane Elkaoussi.

The first day of her internship Avery is already out and about, taking in the cool breeze at the beach near a job site.