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Alyssa Harris

University of Georgia

Last staff visit to Mounts Botanical Garden

Tabb Ormsby, Senior Designer, and Chad Riddle, Landscape Designer, have given planning interns, Megan and Alyssa a summer long project in which they will design a real site, and produce a site plan and regulating plan based on real code for Palm County. Here they are explaining how to create site concepts for this intern project.

Working at WGI has been very interesting so far. I’ve been able to work with lots of different departments including landscape architecture, planning, and creative. The work we’re given is challenging, but everyone is so helpful. I have already learned so much from the staff here.


Here Austin and I are discussing revisions to the Perry J. Cohen Wetlands Laboratory at Jupiter High School.

I am working on the site plan revisions on  Autocad with help from Chad in planning.

“Working on Gulf Coast Town Center was really interesting because we were able to collaborate with WGI’s Creative department to design signage concepts.”