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Alexis Schauer

Florida Atlantic University

We are performing a drainage study for Miami-Dade County. Alexis is opening the manhole to obtain pipe sizes, pipe directions, pipe material and depths of existing pipes. We are also documenting our findings with a GoPro as per client scope.

Setting up the C-10 Scanner low and with the proper angle on the canal bank to obtain as-built data on the support system of the bridge overpass.

Lexi is setting up the job for millions of scan points to be collected on the pavement of State Road 7. A surface model drawing will be created for WGI’s Engineering Department to design from.

Setting up the Leica C-10 scanner to collect as-built information on the bridge over the C-18 Canal at the Florida Turnpike and SR 710. The data being collected will show the engineers what is holding this bridge up.

The WGI survey crew starts each day nice and early, sometimes leaving before the sun has risen. On this day Survey Intern, Lexi got to start the day here at 6:30am.