Toll Free


Jackson Bingeman

Florida State University

Tallahassee / Roadway

Jackson sitting in on the North Florida Transportation weekly staff meeting.

Stacking diapers might not be Jackson’s forte, but he was happy to help decorate for Project Engineer, Loren Steele’s Baby Shower.

The internship has been great and I have enjoyed working with my co-workers that I am surrounded by here in Tallahassee.


Jackson went on a field visit with Ashley and Adam to our Monticello Project. While there, they checked drain and manhole locations, measured the path of water flow in the downtown parking area and listed a couple of box culverts to be removed and replaced.

As everyone in the office is concentrated on the conversation at hand, all Jackson can think about is how much longer until it’s lunch time!?

Jackson and Jarret Hansen discussing how they plan to compile a significant amount of data in Excel and create an elaborate graph.

Roadway intern Jackson Bingemann keeping himself alert with some fresh coffee and exploring a horizon of new ideas.